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The Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation arose as a tribute to the memory of Detective Rafael Ramos of the New York Police Department. Detective Ramos tragically lost his life on December 20, 2014, when he was shot and killed while on duty in a marked patrol car. The foundation is dedicated to upholding the principles and ideals embodied by Detective Ramos himself.

Detective Rafael Ramos was more than just a law enforcement officer; he was a beloved father, husband, uncle, and confidant, known for his unwavering faith and commitment as a Man of God. He actively participated in the community as an usher at Christ Tabernacle (Saints Church) in Queens, New York, eventually assuming a leadership role within the ministry. Additionally, he served in the Frontline Security Ministry at the church and frequently volunteered at The Legacy Center in Bushwick, Brooklyn, extending assistance during the aftermath of events like Super Storm Sandy.

His dedication extended beyond community service; he was in the process of studying to become a New York City Police Department Chaplain, demonstrating his profound commitment to supporting and uplifting those around him in times of need. Detective Rafael Ramos's legacy continues to inspire the foundation's endeavors to honor his memory and perpetuate his spirit of selfless service.

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"If we want change, we have to be the change."

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Foundation seeks to: (i) raise awareness as it pertains to the dangers faced by law enforcement officers in the course of their daily work; (ii) educate community members to lessen tensions and distrust and to improve the relationship between neighborhoods and law enforcement; and (iii) provide financial assistance to families of slain law enforcement personnel that suddenly find themselves in financially distressed situations. Through education, outreach, and community activities, the Foundation seeks to raise social awareness of the dangers faced by law enforcement officers and to develop positive relationships between communities and the law enforcement officers who work in them on a regular basis.


Our Vision

Our mission is to foster positive change within our community regarding perceptions of law enforcement. Each of our events contributes to cultivating this change, one positive experience at a time.

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